Top 7 Affordable Planners To Keep You On Track

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We all know how easy it is to get overwhelmed and lose focus from day to day while trying to keep up with everything on our to-do lists.

I have found that investing in a planner has been a LIFE SAVER!

Below I have found 7 great planners that will help you stay on track and not break the bank!


Powersheets is not your typical daily planner. Lara has created what she calls a grace-filled goal getting system. She takes you through a process of figuring out what your goals are and then gives you tools to track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress. It is meant to be paired with your favorite daily planner. No worries if you are just now starting the process! Lara offers a 2017 Powersheets Six Month Intentional Goal Planner! Get it in pink, teal, or white here for $40.


The Erin Condren Life Planner is probably one of the most recognized in the planner world.  I have personally used and loved it for all of my life planning needs.  It is completely customizable – you can choose your layout option, cover design, personalization, and more! She also offers variations if you are looking for a planner geared towards something more specific such as teaching or wedding planning. Get it here for $55.


Unlike other planners, this planner shifts the focus from productivity to your happiness.  It is jam packed with questions designed to build upon your self-awareness and guide you through daily reflection exercises.  It is available in several color combinations and is very affordable.  Get it here for $56.


It is the all in one planner that allows you to be purposeful with your time, money, and resources, and to focus on your long-term goals while still managing the day-to-day responsibilities of raising a family, planning meals, and managing a budget.  It is a great choice for busy moms craving a simple resource that will help you take your life back from the chaos! The planner is undated so you can start using it anytime.  Get it here for $55.


Another popular option!  The Passion Planner is affordable with a sleek design.  It is available in two sizes and includes a Passion Roadmap exercise to help you define a plan and create actions for each goal.  Also, there are monthly reflection questions and TONS of blank and gridded pages for additional notes, thoughts, etc. Get it here for $30.


The Plum Paper Planner is fully customizable!  You can pick out everything from the cover design to the month that your planner starts on.  This planner is geared more towards productivity than goal-setting, but there are variations for students, teachers, homeschool teachers, and fitness planning. Get it here for $32.


The Day Designer has recently launched their Midyear 2017 edition that runs from June 2017 – May 2018.  There are multiple cover design options as well as two sizes to choose from.  The Day Designer is a simple system that was created to help women find balance, focus, and productivity.  Get it here for $59.

As the midyear mark quickly approaches, it’s time to start thinking about the goals we set at the beginning of the year.  Have you been diligently working towards your goals or have you possibly gotten side-tracked along the way?  Maybe you didn’t even set any goals back in January.  Either way, it’s not too late!  You don’t have to wait until January to start goal-setting!

Any of the previous planners would be an excellent place to start your journey!  Figure out what your needs are and choose one that will work best for you.

(Note: Prices of these planners may change over time. Prices listed above are the prices currently listed on the sites at the time of this post.)

I’d love to know what planner you use.  Leave me a comment below!

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