3 Ways To Practice Gratitude in Your Self Care Routine

3 ways to practice gratitude in your self-care routine

August was a month of transition for my husband and me.  Honestly, this entire year has been full of change and stepping out on faith for us.  Earlier this year, we made the decision to move from our small East Texas city to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Even though I absolutely loved our new city … Read more

Why Self-Care Should Be Part of Your Daily Routine

Why Self-Care Should Be Part Of Your Daily Routine

This post may contain affiliate links. See affiliate disclosure here.  Self-care is a vital aspect of our lives that is often overlooked.  You can spot the effects of a lack of self-care all around you in the form of stress, anxiety, mental and physical exhaustion, etc.  Everything you see online is all about the hustle, … Read more