Hi and welcome!  I’m Chasity McKinney, and I’m so glad you’re here! I’m a 20-something blogger very happily married to that mighty fine man to the left, Jonothan.   

I bet we have something in common!  If you found your way here, it’s because you are tired of living your life on auto-pilot.  You want to be happy, live a purposeful life, accomplish your goals, but you have no idea where to start.  Let me be the first to tell you that you are not alone!  I was feeling the same way, and I want to share some helpful resources with you that helped me create a life plan that will ultimately allow me to live in a joyful and intentional way.


Why Live Happily Now?

We are constantly putting off our happiness.  After I earn a degree, I‘ll be happy.  After I get that dream job, I’ll be happy.  After I get my own house, I’ll be happy.  That turns into once I get my MBA, I’ll be happy. Once I am able to save up enough to quit my job and start a business, I’ll be happy. Once I pay off my mortgage, I’ll be happy.

Every fairy tale I read as a child described a character who faced some type of struggle, but later went on to meet her Prince and THEN lived happily ever after. 

It’s as if we are conditioned to think that the status of our happiness lies in accomplishments, milestones, or goals.  That’s just not the case! 

We keep going in this cycle only to realize that our accomplishments and material belongings are not the sources of our happiness. True happiness…pure joy comes from a place within us.  A place where we understand that life is a journey, and it’s not about the destination.  The journey itself is what’s valuable.  Happiness is a mindset.  It’s making the conscious choice to be joyful no matter what is going on in your life. We control our own happiness. Take your power back! Why wait to be happy?


You can’t change yesterday. Tomorrow is not promised. You only have today. Choose to be happy right here in the middle of your journey.  Find peace exactly where you are in life at this very moment because you are not here by mistake. Trust the process.